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hello beautiful people of the internet
what’s up it’s your girl Lakisha the best way to get rid of your acne is to get to the root of the problem because there’s only so much you can do on the surface
in my quest for clear skin, I stumbled across this video of a girl using two
essential vitamins to clear her skin in today’s video I’ll be sharing with you
guys my experience using vitamin A and zinc tablets to clear my skin without
further ado let’s get started so what exactly does vitamin A and zinc do for
your skin vitamin A is an antioxidant it fights against free radical damage think
of aging think of fine lines wrinkles that type of thing it fights inflammation in
the skin it helps regulate oil production it helps the immune system
function better and it aids in skin repair so wound healing vitamin A has
been found to be most beneficial to the skin once applied topically think of
tretinoin, retin-a, retinols those type of ingredients but it can also have
great benefits for your skin once it’s taken internally. zinc, so what does do for the skin? zinc also regulates oil production of the
sebaceous glands it helps the immune system function well it helps to heal
the tissues once again with any acne that’s already on your skin and it is an
antioxidant so fights against those free radical damage and it’s also
anti-inflammatory which helps to prevent acne as well as post inflammatory
hyperpigmentation so I went out to Shoppers Drug Mart and I picked up these
two bottles this is vitamin A at 10 000 UI from the Life Brand
and it comes with 100 soft gels and then this is the zinc from Nature’s Bounty at
50 ml in my research I came across this beautiful little infographic
right here that helps you better understand how to incorporate different
vitamins into your meal plan so whether you’re supposed to take them with food in the morning
and the night whatever the case may be as you can see it is advised to take
zinc in the morning without any other vitamins along with food so I did that
and this is what happened I really don’t know how this is gonna work the last
time I had zinc which was maybe two months ago I felt really really nauseous
and so I stopped taking it this time around I just threw up I don’t know how
I’m gonna keep this down personally I’m not a morning person and I don’t really
eat breakfast when I wake up in the morning I drink a glass of water a
couple hours later I will have brunch so it could be that I just didn’t eat a big
enough meal to support me taking the zinc or it could be that my body simply
just wasn’t used to the vitamins yet and it was just kind of taking it out of my
body so I decided from this day on to take my zinc in the evening because I
have a bigger meal around dinnertime which is around like 6 o’clock for me
and that’s when I took it instead so I took my zinc and vitamin A pills at
lunchtime and I managed to keep it down but I feel so nauseous even till now and
that was like a good 4 or 5 hours ago I still feel very very nauseous I even got
lightheaded a little bit and I was at my desk I don’t know I just feel really
uncomfortable By day number three I continued to feel
really really nauseous like nauseous to the point where I couldn’t move without
feeling like I was gonna regurgitate have you ever been so nauseous
that like you’re your whole body hurts like that’s what I’ve, that’s really the
best way that I could describe how I felt like it was, it was terrible the
the only caveat is that I did not record to take during this time I just felt really
bad for the entire day but at this point I just really cracked down on the
vitamins that I was taking so because I am taking other vitamins for different
reasons I took my multivitamins with my fish oil
in the morning around midday I would take my iron as well as my vitamin A and
then in the evening with my dinner I would take my zinc by the time day 7 rolled around I was no
longer feeling nauseous which is a big win for me
and I also saw that I wasn’t getting any breakouts on my skin now in my period
cycle I go through these periods where my skin just looks so beautiful and
clear and smooth I’m actually going through it right now but at this point I had
just finished my period the week prior so my skin was going through one of
those really nice periods so I don’t want to make the mistake of inferring
causation I think that both things were happening at the same time all right so
today we are halfway on our way to my period and this is when my skin tends to
break out as it is right now um a little bit on the forehead once again I do
believe this is because I’ve been wearing my hair sleeked
back for a while and I like the hair but is giving me pimples at all on my
forehead honestly this is the best breakout that I’ve ever had. So far, if it stays like this I’d say its a success but i dont want to get ahead of myself day number 14 rolls around and I’m in the middle of my menstrual
cycle and during this time when I’m ovulating my skin just goes crazy my
skin breaks out I don’t know why it just doesn’t like me during this time of my
life even though when you’re ovulating you’re supposed to be your most
attractive from me it’s kind of the opposite I was expecting my skin to
break out I was getting ready with my acne medication my benzoyl peroxide my
salicylic acid I was armed with my sword and shield and I was kind of holding my
breath for a moment and then day 14 rolled around and there
was nothing there and I didn’t have anything to fight which was surprising
and happy of course but I was just kind of waiting for the ball to drop and it
didn’t drop I always get a little bit suspicious whenever something doesn’t go
wrong have I finally found the cure the key to my clear skin I don’t know
please let me know by the end of this video by commenting
down below and tell me what you think at this point I feel like my millennial
narcissism has gone to such a high degree that I look at myself way too
many times a day to be able to notice a real difference on my skin. the last skincare
video that I posted was when I tried using it absolutely no actives on my
skin for two weeks and in that video I talked a lot about how I was getting a
lot of whiteheads and that’s something that I haven’t had since I was a
teenager so that was shocking to me I wasn’t getting breakouts but I was still
getting the Whiteheads but perhaps my skin was telling me at this point that I
needed to use a chemical exfoliator a little bit more often so I ampted that up a
little bit in my routine I’m not gonna sit here and complain about me not
receiving any acne because we’ve definitely been on the other side been
there done that and certainly do not want to go back during this time I also
added my Niacinamide and Zinc from The Ordinary into my routine so I was
getting zinc on the outside as well as zinc on the inside and I feel like it was
really starting to show in my skin it does take a little bit of time at least
28 days for your skin cells to really turn over I feel like at this moment I
was truly seeing the new turned-over skin. here’s what we look like my oil, I have not blotted so you guys can
really see what my oil looks like around here it’s a little shiny and especially
like around I have enlarged pores over here I don’t know why but it’s like it’s
a little bit oily on my forehead or my temples I should say my cheeks they’re
okay you know my skin I haven’t had complaints about my skin I think it just
really feels good to someone from the outside hearing me talk about how my
skin looks so much better and it looks so good you might be saying well she
still has acne she still has post inflammatory hyperpigmentation but you
don’t know where I have been, okay matter of fact I’m gonna show you where
I’ve been okay the only thing that I did start to notice in my skin was a bit of
dryness when I was younger I used to think that I actually had dry skin I
would get dry patches and flakes around my mouth and my forehead as well as
every time I would move my face I’m just get dryness on the cheeks and I started
to get that again so I was kind of going through my routine and saying what did I
add what did i do differently that’s making my skin dry out once again it
was winter and my skin does tend to be dry during this time so I decided that
you know what I just need something a little bit thicker for my skin to keep
all the moisture in so I got a marula oil from The Ordinary and mix that into my
lotion from my skin to just keep as much moisture as my possible can and so far
all of that dryness has pretty much gone away today I took the vitamins at lunch
time instead of at dinner because it’s you know the only time of day that I
could get around to taking it and I did get a little bit nauseous like this but
nothing crazy it kind of went away after a while like I’m really happy that it’s
not you know where it was last year I don’t want to say that I’m disappointed
and what’s going on but you know for some time now I’ve been really trying to
figure out what will get rid of my acne topically and I found what works for me
I know that BHA’s work really well for the tea tree oil works really well for
me and so on and so forth but I was really hoping that this was going to
help me on an internal level because I know that you can only solve a problem
so much from the outside it starts from inside and so I’ve been researching so
much to try to figure out what it could be on the inside so when I found out
about zinc I was super super excited to give these two vitamins a try by the
vitamin A and the zinc because people have gotten so many good results from it
the research shows that people who have a lot of acne are somewhat deficient in
zinc and they need that to be able to you know stop producing it from the
inside out and I’m definitely not someone to get my hopes up too too
high I mean I’ve had acne for quite some time a couple years and I know that it’s
not an overnight fix I know that things take time to heal last year I had cystic
nodules on my face painful nodules in my skin and yes I did experience a little
bit of that when I stopped using anything on my face but I quickly got
rid of that using the topical ingredients that I know work for me and
I’m and and I’m at a place now where my acne is is digressed from severe acne to
now more mild acne I’m really really happy about that but it’s been a year
that I’ve been stuck in this mode of like moderate acne and I am ready to get
out of that and I, so far I don’t see this getting out of it completely you
know it feels nice it feels really soft but obviously looking at it there’s tons
of oil on my forehead over my t-zone there’s acne for some people happens it
in the first week but they’re taking the zinc for me I guess it doesn’t just
happen up quickly I do understand that so I’m going to continue using this for
the next three months going forward and in three months I hope to give you guys
an update by day number 25 but I started to notice how quickly my skin was
healing, typically when I get a pimple it lasts for a couple of days and and then
some more days and then it turns into a scar that lasts for about three years
the point that I’m trying to make is I was starting to
see my skin heal at a rapid pace I had a pimple right here and in three
days it was gone and there was no scar so I started to wonder what kind of
witchery was going on in my face day 30 I can confidently say that I have
noticed a significant decrease in blemishes on my skin come to think of it
I did not even experienced any cystic acne whatsoever also I didn’t get any
new acne marks on my face the ones that are already there the ones that I’ve
been there for three plus years but I didn’t get any new ones on my skin I
don’t want to make the mistake of generalizing and saying that these true
vitamins will be good for everyone because to be honest I don’t know for me
personally I’ve actually gotten really great results
from doing this and I do want to do more things from the inside out because like
I said at the very beginning there’s only so much that you can do on the
surface but still I do recommend trying out these two vitamins for yourself
and seeing if it will give you some results like it did for me so thank you
so much Nia for sharing this on the internet I’m sure that those other
people have tried it but that’s the video that I saw I really do hope that
you guys enjoyed this video and got some information from it comment down below
and let me know if you’ve ever tried vitamin A and zinc on your skin or what
other vitamins have been working for you just let’s all enjoy clear skin for
2020 so if you like this content please consider subscribing because I am
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remember to stay gorgeous stay fabulous and I will see you lovely ladies and
gents in my next video, bye!

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  1. I have struggled with cystic acne since I was 11! I’m almost 23 now and I’ve finally gotten a hold of it thankfully! I discovered fast food and diary was a huge trigger for me! And I just started seeing an aesthetician and she put me on a series of mild chemical peels which helped clear so so so much. I was left with pretty crazy scarring as well and I’m now going through microneedling which has helped SO SO SO MUCH! I’ve been taking zinc and vitamin c as well which has helped my skin heal much much quicker! And there’s another supplement called silver hydrosol which helps kill staph which causes acne. Those three supplements have helped my skin a lot too!

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