QiGong Lung Exercises (2019) – Part 2

Hi Everyone. Back again for another part
of our QiGong Lung Exercises. We’re focusing on the Lung Meridian. Opening the chest,
opening the lungs, really expanding the lungs and taking big deep breaths in
and out. We’re cultivating energy in and around our Lung Meridian and that way we should reap many benefits from these exercises. We’re going to jump straight in today. We have another two exercises. The first one is ‘Scooping the Sea and
Looking at the Sky’ and the second one is ‘Sink and Stretch to the Sides’ so let’s get going. Warming up and loosening off. Feet hip width apart. Relaxing our posture. Turning the head. Bringing the shoulders up to our ears, squeezing the hands and relax. Nice big breathe in. Bending the knees. Palms on the thighs, rolling down. Always remember keep all these exercises within your own comfort zone. Always listening to your own body. Knocking on the Door. Making sure you’ve got some space around you. So you’re going to be safe whilst you’re doing these exercises. Let’s move the legs. And Gather the Qi. Shaking it off. Feeling a bit more loose. Exercise number one is called ‘Scooping
the Sea and Looking at the Sky’. So I’ll just demonstrate the arm
movement first. We’re crossing our hands at the front with our palms facing towards
us. Scooping up an imaginary sea, as if we’ve got the water in our hands. We’re lifting it up over our heads and then opening it out so all the water would
come sprinkling down on top of us or that’s what I like to imagine. Our palms
are then facing up to the ceiling. Our arms are expanding out to the sides here which opens this chest area and really expands and opens the lungs. So we’re bringing our hands down in front of us here, in front of the DanTien. Lifting up, nice big
breath in here, opening out. My head is just looking up into the sky.
I’m adding the step forward as part of this exercise. So I’m just going to bring
my foot forward and I’m actually going to release the heel off the floor from
the back leg. So if I do that to the side you’ll be able to see. I’m stepping
forward and as I do so this heel here is lifting up from the floor and that
enables me just to put a bit more of the top half of my body, bending forwards so
I’m really scooping low, lifting high and stretching my legs here. But not
locking them out and then as I look at the sky, I’m going to transfer my weight
to this back leg and release the toe from the floor at the front. So I end
up with my foot on my heel here at the front. Opening out and looking at the sky. Let me do that to the side and
I’ll do it to the front so that you can see. So I’m bending down, releasing this back heel. Bending down, scooping the sea. Lifting up as I stretch, transferring
my weight and looking at the sky. One more time here. Really opening that chest. I’ll just do that to the front here. Taking that step forward and down. Lifting up, transfer me back and opening up, looking at the sky. And on the other foot. Be exactly the
same. If I do it to the side first. Steeping forward and releasing this
back heel so I can bend my knees and
bend forward, just with the top part of body and lifting up, stretching my legs here, opening out transferring my weight, Taking the toe off the floor
here so I can transfer it back and opening out. Just remember if you
can to keep your hips in alignment so I’m not sinking down too far. I’m taking
my hip out of line when I’m transferring back. So I’ll just show you from the
front, taking it up here and then as I transfer back, I don’t really let this
hip stick out here. Keep it nice and aligned. So just within your own
limitations. It doesn’t have to be a big movement. Don’t want you to feel dizzy so
going back and forth. That’s ‘Scoop the Sea and Looking at the Sky. Let’s do a
few repetitions all together. OK First foot. the breathing is, breathing in, opening out looking at the sky. If you can take a nice big breathe in
here. Then just return to normal breathing. Other leg forwards. Exercise number two is our ‘Sinking and Stretching out to the Sides’. So taking my feet slightly wider than
hip-width this time so that I can sink into a decent low Horse Stance. But just
put your feet a bit nearer together if you don’t want to bend as far.You can keep your legs straight as well. You can still get that stretching out to the sides and that activation of the Lung Meridian by doing just the arm movements. OK so feet slightly wider than hip-width if you’re following here. Going to bring our hands up, to Cross Hands, so crossing the hands at the wrists. Bring them across the chest and we’re sinking down and we’re pushing out to the sides. Don’t want to lock my elbows. Keeping them slightly soft. But I want to feel like I’m pushing against something so I’m getting that resistance. Really feeling those muscles working. Bringing it down. Lifting up here. Stretching the legs at my Cross Hands. Taking them round, past the chest pushing out. I like to follow my hands. Focus on the palms because they’re our Lao Gong points. In particular for the Lung Meridian, the tip of the thumb. If you can focus on pushing that. Feeling all the energy moving right to the very tips of your fingers. Breathing in here, always exhaling on the effort of the bend. Putting those two exercises together
in a short QiGong flow. I am going to do two of my Scooping the Sea and Looking at the Sky with my first foot forward. Putting my feet together and then I’ll do my Sinking and Stretching to the Sides. and then I’ll do the opposite foot forwards with my two Scooping the Sea and Looking at the Sky followed by my Sinking down and Stretching to the Sides. Always think about the posture. Think
about that elongation of the spine. Ok let’s go. So foot fowards. Scooping the Sea, Looking at the Sky. And again. Cross Hands. Take it out. Other foot forwards. Into your Horse Stance. Cross Hands. Stretching to the Sides. And again. Foot number one. Second side. One more time on each side. Bringing the hands to rest at the Dan Tien. Excellent work. Don’t be fooled how simple
these exercises are. They are so beneficial. Working our major muscle group also tapping into that Traditional Chinese Medicine. that works the Qi Energy
and really different lot of benefits for our mind, body and our soul. Til next time
I shall see you then. Please subscribe let me know what you think on the comments below. Cheers

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