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TVF Bachelors | S01E01 – Bachelors Vs Ghost ft. BB ki Vines

TVF Bachelors | S01E01 – Bachelors Vs Ghost ft. BB ki Vines

Ghosts can’t touch you
when you chant Dr. Mahavir’s name
Hmm Twice a day On empty stomach Chant the Hanuman Chalisa Understand I am giving you this lemon and chilly Hang it on your door If in two days the lemon turns red Then the test is positive Which means Your house is haunted And if the chilly turns red? Hmm… the chilly is complimentary If it becomes red Then fry it in the oil and cook with it Now leave Next! Yeah? Karan? No, I am not abusing In the X-ray report Bipasha’s legs
are turned backwards She is actually a Zombie Bhatt sir doesn’t cast her in Every film of his for no reason Prepare for the divorce..Black magicOh motherfucker! You ate my chicken? Look L..look I don’t have any personal
grudges against ghosts I just uh..uh No? Look I re..really Respect ghosts No? See, it is just that people ask me
to get rid of ghosts It’s a dirty job Not even this? What an atheist kind of ghost Not getting scared of anything Why have you come here? Uh..actually The house where I live A few bachelors stay there I am scared of them Oh! Ohh! Everyday after dinner To digest the food I take a walk, Noises start coming from a room Oh yeah! Eh? When I sit alone in the master bedroom And stare away at the moon, The door automatically Not just that Every full moon night Aah! Come let’s take the mattress and go Jassi drank and puked again Aa Aah! And moreover People say that Before this building An engineering college used to stand here I can still hear the screams of single guys Madam, Your job is not to get scared But to scare others Like Ramsay’s films Have you ever gone in front of them naked? Bring them to an orgasmic state And then reveal your true form The guys will be fucked right there Yuck The witches from our family don’t do all this Oh Cultured witch And what do you think? I never tried scaring them? Firstly, they stay awake till late at night I fall asleep, waiting for them To scare them I start pulling their sheets But the sheets stink so bad That I have to give it back In the bathroom tank instead of water I fill blood But they never take a bath I start moving chairs And then suddenly I open windows Dude, The weather is amazing today Come, let’s drink When I am in front of the mirror, I stand behind them to scare them But the mirror is so dirty that They can’t see anything Shaking my anklets I keep singingAmi je tomarBut they keep sitting with their
headphones on And after all the difficulties if I still manage to posses someone Dude he is high Must be tripping Madam This, moving a chair Putting blood in their shower These things don’t work with bachelors If you want to put beer in the glass Then you have to tilt the glass Firstly, you need to make them feel That there is somebody else at their place But BB vines don’t even
last for seven seconds Then why don’t you make it yourself? In the evening Before they come back Fold and arrange their clothes properly Aah Keep such things in their pockets Which they don’t use at all In their drinking parties, Have all their snacks Bachelors aren’t scared of
their reputation being spoiled But are afraid of their nails getting cut On the walls of the rooms Write game of thrones spoilers No! And what a hideous mess you have
made out of yourself These unironed clothes This dread locked hair Did you not watch Ring Or conjuring? Yeah, If you get time from watching Aahat Learn from the Korean ghosts How their hair is always Straight, drenched Always in front of their face How fresh do they look All the time You need a makeover baby Take this Try looking like humans Any kind of clothes you want Put the pics You’ll get thousands of options In fact, Look like their ex-girlfriend They will shit their pants Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Dude I got a message from the owner He’s going to come at eight tomorrow We will leave at seven I want to look beautiful For my lover Is our maid a singer? The tune is alright but We don’t have a maid at all Shit! BB The sound is coming from your room Go and check I want to look beautiful… For my lover Oh motherfucker! You? I can’t stay there any longer Seeing me look like his ex girlfriend Instead of getting scared he got horny He said that crying for me He has wasted endless tissues Madam These bachelors never use tissues To wipe their tears Perverted bastard! I don’t have any other place to live Can I live at your place? Oh See you can stay at my place but, I forgot to tell you something I am also a bachelor Where is the stuff? Stuff dude stuff?

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  1. Abe bhai kuch to dharm ki izzat kar lo chicken ke sane hath se om ko pakad ra he video banane ke liye kuch bhi karoge kya

  2. Kya faltu girri he benchod arrre ye sab to pagal he samje lode new he YouTube parrrr bhai buvan baam aap aapse ye ummid nahi thi

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