TVF Bachelors | S02E03 – Bachelors vs Cooking

So here’s the plan. The maid comes in exactly at 9:00
in the morning, she rings the bell at 9:20 and enters
the house with the duplicate key at 9:25. I gave it to her,
so we don’t have to wake up. Why does she ring the bell then? -Point, we’ll discuss this tomorrow.
-Let’s do it. So the maid enters at 9:25
and leaves at 9:55. So basically in half an hour, she cooks, steals our cutlery and plays
PS for 20 minutes before she leaves. So it’s obvious that the food
will taste like crap. Which is why,
we need to do this tomorrow. Who’s going to do this? The one who’s got guts. It’s decided then… -I’m out.
-I’m also out. I’m also out. Okay then… I’ll do it. You can lead, right? I hope you know what you have to say. Yes, that… We get really bland food. What’d you say? Bland food? I cook daily at a deaf
and mute hospital. No one tells me anything like this
there. Probably ’cause they’re deaf and … If this is such a problem,
then y’all better look for someone else. I’m not coming from tomorrow. Listen, the Maggie was really good… The Maggie was good… What he was trying to say was that
we get bland food and we like it. -Yes, he was complimenting it so much.
-Yeah it’s my favorite! And what’s so great, every one is eating
good food these days. You spoilt our poor maid’s mood. Why don’t you go play some FIFA? Do y’all have FIFA ’18? Go, get the ’18 CD for her.
Go! -Money for it?
-I’ll pay for it. Move aside, let her go in. You couldn’t do it today also?
Aunt’s coming home tomorrow… Mom, we can order something
just for today. Do you have a maid just
to steal your stuff? Eat home cooked meals,
it’s healthy. Mom, how is Auntie doing? There you go, it’s been 8 months
since your aunt was murdered. That’s why I tell you to come home
a little more often. Pass me the dal (lentil soup). What are you looking for?
It’s infront of you, pass it. Is this dal? I thought it was the finger bowl. Pass it here. -Mom, here have some roti.
-No, thanks. I’m done. Mom? Do you have a problem
in tempering the dal? Are you the fatso’s mom? That explains a few things. If you have a problem with it,
why don’t you teach me to temper it? I would’ve taught you right now
if there was another wok. To temper the dal. Your tempered dal does taste good indeed. You taught a lesson to this society’s
best cook. Don’t be disheartened. You learnt something from the fatso’s mom. You don’t have to come back here. Come on now, leave. Leave! This is my sister. Badrakaleshwar aka Badri’s mom. And this is me, Badri’s uncle, aka
uncle… When the fire of feminism spread
in Haryana, my sis quit cooking. But Badri didn’t quit eating like a hog. Which is why my sis
had to get back into the kitchen. -Did you find someone?
-No, sis. It’s been 17 years and I still
haven’t found someone. -I don’t think I’ll get one now.
-I was talking about the maid! -Didn’t you go looking for one?
-No, I didn’t get that either. I did find one, but the minute she heard of Badri’s diet,
she fled. Go on, give this to the boys. Sis… There are elections in our village
in 10 days. Who’s going to cook for them
after you leave? You made a mistake in firing the maid. No, I mean Badri said that.
Badri! What happened? -Put your hands down…
-Hey! What’s going on? Auntie, they came to our place to get some
rolling paper… I mean newspaper, but the minute I went to loo for just
2 minutes, they swiped my all my Maggie! -I saw an egg, so I put that in as well.
-An egg? Auntie, they emptied the entire crate. Does anyone do this? Here you go,
the money for the eggs. Come on, leave now. Come here. -Mom, I’m sorry, I won’t repeat it.
-That’s okay. First tell me, how you made it. It’s not a big deal to make a fool
out of someone, mom. As soon as he went to the loo,
I went to the kitchen… How did you make the Maggie? Oh the Maggie? That’s not a big deal either, mom. First, I heated up the water, then I added in the Maggie
and then the spices… Then I put the eggs in
and whisked it all together like crazy! And we broke some on his head. It turned into an omlette
on his head. What are you saying, sis? You’re going to make
the boys cook? Why can’t they do it? You think my boys are worse
than that maid? Play that song you’ve been listening to. Play it, man. Auntie? Here’s my phone, order as much
take out as you want to. But we just ate, mom. Eat more. Neither will anyone
order in from tomorrow nor will there be a cook in this house. Why, mom? ‘Cause y’all will cook your food
yourselves from tomorrow. Here’s the list of vegetables. Go get tomorrow morning
as soon as the market opens. Jeetu, don’t pay
for the coriander and chillies. Why’d you have to make their Maggie? You were the one who was hungry
after smoking up. -What’s this?
-That’s ‘Garam Masala’ (movie), mom. It was on the list. -Whose is this?
-That’s mine. Y’all did learn to make some vegetable. Now, the most difficult task is to make rotis(Indian flat bread). And a real roti, is not like this, but looks like this. I can make a round roti
with a CD. That’s not how it’s done. You have to roll it out with a roller. You have to roll it out
and make it fluffy. Now, come on in, one by one. These boys did start making food
that was worth looking at. But there was no one to check if it
was good enough to eat. Come on, eat it. No, sis. No. Please don’t feed me this food, I promise
I’ll pass the 8th grade this year. I even learnt the 13th table. 13 into 1 is equal to 13.
13 into 2 is equal to 33. I’ll give you a tight slap now!
Eat up now. Was it wrong again? Mom, please don’t cut my hair…
I can’t make fun of the baldy. Quiet! Mom, I just spoke to a girl yesterday. She doesn’t even know
I’m cute. Please don’t cut my hair. -Can you impress her?
-No. Chop it off. Now you. Kesh(Sikh tradition).
Thank you, God! Kesh, Kesh is important. Sorry, Badri.
There was just one. My hair may fall,
but won’t get out of this. -I haven’t dried clothes today.
-Look at that. Cooking food has turned
him into one. Come peel our vegetables for us too. -Get lost!
-Let it go, Badri! Let it go, Badri. We’ve not learnt to do that yet. Man, when is your mom
going to leave? I was going to cut off my stuff
thinking it was an okra! We’ve cut enough
of vegetables. It’s time for some Zomato now. -I’m really hungry, uncle.
-Me too. Why don’t you just order
more pizzas. You’re right, uncle. And listen, get all those things
this time. Meat balls, pepperoni, cheese… Get all the toppings. Looks like you’re in love with it! Done! Done? It’s here so soon? Your city has a quick service. We get stuff after 2 days
in our village. Sis… I thought it was bread. We just ordered some pizza, man. It’s not like we called a stripper. For her to make such a scene. Exactly. Which mother makes her 24 year old
promising son cook? Makes her 24 year old cook? At least your mother is teaching
you to cook. Look at us! We’re shrinking with Nusrat’s stash
and the maid’s food. You know this, man. We can only order from out
till the 8th of the month. And his is till the 12th. ‘Cause he’s my boss. In these circumstances, if your
Goddess of a mother teaches you to cook,
what’s wrong with it? The girls are smiling,
I’m getting famous, bro. They’re looking at my tail lights
and smiling, not at you. Mom, I made this for you to eat
on the way. Well, what else was left. After we left, Badri took his big steps
towards international cuisine. And you may not be able to speak
English when you go international, but you sure get an accent. “The food will taste good
if it looks good.” What are you watching? Jeetu, I was just making some dal. I think I’ll garnish it with
some coriander, to look sexy. If you had to add some coriander powder
it would’ve tasted better as well. I don’t know what you keep watching. “Forget your mom’s old ways.” “Do what I tell you to do.” Wow, red beans? Baked la beans… What? Add some chilli in it. Will the gravy look good on a pink plate
if the gravy is red? Duh, Jizzy. For my insta followers. Look at this, sis. He didn’t even # you. And look at what he’s written. ‘Thank you, Gordon Ramsay.’ He seems to be a very famous chef. Chef? A cook. Shall I like it? -Hello, mom. Hello, uncle.
-Hello. How are you doing? How’s the cooking going? It’s going great, mom.
I made creme brulee today. Creme brelee? Is it a dish from UP? No, mom.
It’s international. I’ll teach you the next time you’re here. Oh and yes, all my insta followers
are coming over next week. -And along with them…
-You grew your hair out? That’s okay. You go make your international dish,
or whatever it is. Go ahead… Creme brelee… Shiv? Jizzy?
Come on, guys! Work faster! My insta followers
will be here at 7:00 pm! Jeetu! What are you doing, man? You had to mash the onions
not chop them. What? Mash! But this what your mom showed me. Forget about mom’s old techniques. Do what I tell you. What’s wrong with my technique? -Mom?
-What’s wrong? Mom, it’s not wrong.
But the food just looks more photogenic. Let me see. I want to know what the internet could
teach you that you mom couldn’t. Is this what you’ll feed your friends? -Not friends, mom, followers, 35 of them.
-Shut up! I can’t make out the flavour
of chilli or bay leaves! Your uncle makes better
cereal than this! Thank you, sis. Mom! -The gravy wasn’t ready yet.
-So get it ready now. “Add in black pepper.” “Stir it in slowly.” “It’ll blend in by itself.” “Now add some salt.” “Not according to your taste,
just 10 gms.” “The most important part now is…” “Now add in…” Jeetu, I’ve run out of data… Please give me your phone. Jizzy, Jeetu, please… Please, man. My data’s over, please
give me your phone. Jeetu! Shiv… Shiv, you steal the WiFi, right?
Please tell me the password. All my fans will unfollow me, man.
Please! Uncle, please give me your phone. They’ll unfollow me, please. “When the onions are cooked
and turn red.” “Add in the crushed tomatoes
after that.” “Be careful that the tomatoes” “are completely blended in.” “Now slowly stir them
all in together.” “Now let it rest for a bit.” “For the tomatoes to perfectly
mix in with the spcies.” -It’s reallly tasty!
-Is it? My sis makes the best food! Mom… It’s great! Mom… Forgive me, please. Jio gave me 10gb of data for free
so I wandered away. I’m your mom. You think I’d let my son be insulted
infront of his insta followers? Come here! No, don’t cry… -You made such good food, right?
-It’s great, man. Don’t cry. And finally… Sis spoke the golden words that the bachelors
were yearning to hear. Let’s eat out today? -Really, Auntie?
-What are you saying, sis? Eat out!

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  1. Hay gays i really like this video ,,, i am managment student but mai kabhi v unke jaysa cooking nahi kar sakta and ,,i really miss my mummy loves ,,,

  2. Salute to every mom out there❤?plus hats off to the creativity and the acting….these people deserve the bollywood platform to represent.

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