White House Christmas Cold Open – SNL

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  1. This crap is the reason that nobody watches SNL anymore. Maybe it might be more interesting watching videos of Alex Baldwin slugging helpless passersby on the street over parking spaces.

  2. Just love it…….."I see and hear everythink you do"….."Because you´re a ghost?"……..hilarious!
    And Kate McKinnon has such georgous eyes….as Hillary she kind of reminds me of Elizabeth Banks.

  3. I freaking love Mr. Trump.
    Fantastic American we are
    fortunate to have.
    And Baldwin is exquisite.
    These are hilarious!!!🇺🇸

  4. Okay, political does not mean automatically funny. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it's just shit-boring sketch. This one is the latter.

  5. Some serious haters out there…just enjoy the humor..park your childish behaviors…yes I mean Democrats..this is satire …not the History Channel.

  6. After all this time Saturday night live and mr. Baldwin look like retarded turds floating in the toilet. Donald Trump is your daddy and he will be again in 2020

  7. Imagine Trump when he was a kid during Christmas time his parents take him to Santa and trump asks 4 a wall!!!

  8. Funny how 2 years later this all turns out to be not true. The only true thing is that the news lies. Gives energy to the whole fake news thing.

  9. SNL is funny but still a bunch of cry baby liberals trying to push their perspective on us through these skits

  10. Every time Trump does so.something insane which is just about every day I turn to these skits to keep my sanity.

  11. Wait what? I clicked on "white house christmas cold open SNL" it showed Alec Baldwin playing TweetyBird and the rest looked like the normal drama spewing out of the gates to hell George W. Bush opened up. (Formerly known as the White House Al Gore was supposed to get a promotion in in 1999) but since they were looking at it like bats hanging from a debt ceiling the numbers did something very wrong) Clickbait or fact?

  12. SNL so divorced from reality.
    I wonder what will they do about Jeffrey Epstain and the rest of the pedo Democrats…

    TRUMP 2020 BaBy 😁💥☑️!
    Or in Russian:
    ТРЪМП 2020 БеБе 😁💥☑️!

  13. Alec sure look just like that stupid orange clown with that stupid look on his face. Way to go alec baldwin👍

  14. I've been hoping that they will do a Putin puppet on a skit one of these days trump is the puppet and Putin as the puppet master

  15. Wow looking back its not funny at all because none of it was true. I guess we will have the same thing happen with the impeachment spectacle a few years from now.

  16. In light of the recent impeachment testimony, this skit seems prescient. "Ghost of witness flipped"–Gordon Sondland "There's a lot of people from your past that could come back to haunt you."–Hm. So many to name for this one. "You've no idea how long I've been waiting to say this…lock him up!"–Chants of lock him up at the World Series in October.

  17. When he’s reflecting on the things he’s done…..

    I can’t help but see that he looks like he’s taking a dump 😂😂

  18. Kongresswahlen in den USA=hitler richsdag  YAWOL…BLESS MR PRESIDENT TRUMP,,,WE WON WE WILL WIN;;HURRA  do not be afraid,,, G-D BLESS YOU mr PRESIDENT..G-d=antifascist anti nazi,,,YAWOL is Hollywood=GÖBEL  propaganda,,,stumbanfurer Baldwin sold out long ago  nazi,,   HOW MUCH nazi

  19. Mike Flynn Mike Cohen are in jail. Hmmmm Mike Cohen told us. But the media is two faced they made it seem like he was lying smh now look impeachment shit everyday

  20. trump appeals to the stupidest 1% of the population, most of whom are really rich. Not all rich people are morally bereft morons, but maybe 1 out of 4 really loves trump. Like my aunt and uncle, who think he is a god and believe every thing he says from 'Obama is a foreign Arab' to 'climate change is a myth'. I love my aunt as she is family and is smart enough to keep this to herself, but I think anyone who voted for trump should be drug out in to the street and shot for high treason. Merry Christmas every one.

  21. Quid Pro Quo…. remember this words and what they mean come election time …specially in the State of Florida… DJT is still holding millions of restauration money from
    the Maria's Hurricane disaster in Puerto Rico ( US CITIZENS BY BIRTH) … you will see how he will work votes by letting them know how great he is by …doing what he did in
    Ukraine …will let the money flow as he sees the voters reaction… but he is for a surprise… Puertorican voters are really mad with him… and there are over millions new voters
    in that very fragile State that has decided past elections.

  22. These presidential skits are getting so dumb. Not a shred of truth in them anymore. They’re all just pulled out of someone’s rear and have nothing to do with reality anymore. They used to be so funny but now they’re just silly.

  23. The Donald reminds me of the churches across America – sick, twisted, and sure they are right. Can we impeach them all and start taxing them too???

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